So, What is True Here?

I was asked this recently.  I am not always sure what truth they are talking about, so I am slow to respond.  I have to delve further–“what do YOU mean by ‘truth’?”  In context, we were talking about the Christian life.  I had to be honest with myself and come to terms with a phrase that I have tried to orient my life by: “What is TRUE about this circumstance?”  So, for me, getting it right in life is coming to terms with what really is true.  Of course, many people ask this question: “What is truth?”  Scripture gives us this by stating that God’s Word is truth in John 17.  The Holy Spirit’s job is to guide us unto all truth in John 16:13.  Christ is THE truth  in John 14:6. So, for the believer, we shouldn’t have a problem in finding truth.

But then, there is this thing called sin–at its very core is deceit.  Satan is a liar and the father of lies (John 8:44).  He used deceit to get Eve to sin.  Sin is at its core the idea that God isn’t really God, but somehow, “I am god.”  This is what got Eve, and then Adam, and now it is true of all of us.  As fallen man, we have this inward desire to be god–that is, to make what we think, what we feel, what we desire to be the truth for our lives.  And on top of all that, we then make very important life decisions every day as if we were really god–as if, our truth is really truth.  It isn’t, and for many of us, we know it isn’t, but it is like we demand it to be so, and so, it is so!  We then, like Adam and Eve hide when we are held accountable for the results of living out our own truth–which isn’t truth, because it isn’t from the One True God.  How dangerous this is! How confusing it is.  We really can’t keep up with our feelings, our deceptions, our own spun truths, so we often set ourselves up for all kinds of problems.  We have lofty expectations in life that are not based in what is really true, but what we so desperately want to true.  One day, we wake up and realize that what we thought was true, really wasn’t–but it is too late and we have entangled ourselves with deceit and the fruit of deceit that our lives do not demonstrate a very accurate picture of Christ and His righteousness–His truth!

Thank God for the Redeemer–the Savior, who has saved me from my self-righteous truth and gave me the everlasting truth of His Word.  I will glory in my Redeemer.  In Him I find truth.

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