Eric D. Sipe My name is Eric Sipe.  I am Pastor of Calvary Bible Church in Columbus, Ohio.  God has graciously allowed me to be a part of a church planting/revitalizing ministry now for nearly thirty years. It is a joy to shepherd God’s people and to learn daily to walk with Christ. My desire is that all who would read this blog would come to love our Lord and serve Him alone all their days.

I am blessed with a very wonderful wife of thirty years – Cindy Lin Hamilton Sipe. She is a joy and delight and makes life and ministry a joy.

I have three children all married:

1. Carissa, who is married to Todd L. Davis – and their two boy (our grandsons!!) – Brode Lewis Davis; Raef Hamilton Davis, and now a daughter (our granddaughter) Genevieve Lin Davis.  Todd is planting a church in Brighton, CO.

2. Quentin H. Sipe, is married to Brittany Illsley Sipe and they live  in Columbus, Ohio. They are both working and helping at our church. Quentin is seeking to finish a Masters Degree from Northland International University.

3. Hunter R. Sipe, is married to Nikki Gershman Sipe and live in Columbus, Ohio. Hunter works as a pastoral intern here in our church and Nikki works as a piano teacher in the area.

I have started two churches:

Calvary Baptist Church – Heidelberg, Germany – this was a team effort with Ron and Barbara Brooks.  What a glorious opportunity this was that changed my heart about church planting and mission work.  We made many friends that we still are in contact with today.

Grace Bible Church  – Moore, SC – again, this was a glorious opportunity that caused growth in my life and gave us many opportunities to minister God’s great grace to many people.  This church is now pastored by Andrew Franseen.

My goal in this blog is to talk about pastoral ministry, church planting, and life in the ministry.  In all of life, after God’s gift of righteousness giving us salvation, we are in great need of daily grace.  The fact that God knows us intimately and we are still alive, it is purely an indication that God is full of grace and makes it available to us minute by minute.  Grace truly is flowing!


One comment on “About

  1. Steven says:

    Hello Pastor Eric:

    It has been a very very long time. After reading your blog, I said “wow, praise the Lord”!!!!

    I wanted to see if you receive this message and if so, I will write more and bring you up to date. I did some very bad things in 2005 and I have been through a lot of ups and downs. But the Lord has remained faithful and over and over again with His never ending mercy and grace, in spite of my past disobedience.

    Here is my email address: stevenpotoski@web.de

    I do so hope to hear from you. Please say hi to Cindy as well as to Carissa, Quentin, and Hunter.

    Take care and God’s richest blessings!

    Love in Christ, Steven (I go by Steven now)

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