Time Always Tells

We really do live out our theology–day after day.  Who we think God is and how we see Him and know Him to be greatly effects our every day living.  If God is big, and permeates absolutely every area of our lives, then we will as the writer of Proverbs says, “in all of our ways aknowledge Him, and He will direct our paths.” (Prov 3:6).  We don’t take much time thinking about this, yet it is so very true.  You can tell me all you want about what you “think” or “believe” today, but, time always tells.  Over a period of time, your theology–your view of God really is displayed–whether you like it or not.  I was reminded just recently at a lunch with a fellow that the accounts in Scripture often bear this out–even though we don’t think of it.  For instance, how long was it when God told Abraham he would be a father of a nation, and God actually gave him a baby boy?  In the accounts, we don’t see the months and the years go by, but they do.  You remember how he came to attempt on his own and by his own wife’s pleading to circumvent God’s plan?  I am not sure how may years that was after God communicated to Him His intentions, (10-15??), but it was a long time in our human way of counting time.  Year after year–still, there was no boy born.  It must have been discouraging, deflating, and yes, humbling.  Was God asleep?  Was God insignificant, and was His Word invalid?  Think of the nights of doubt and maybe tears as the couple acted in faith, yet nothing happened.  Then, after Sarah’s constant pleading and perhaps badgering, her true theology began to unveil and she displayed unbelief in God.  And, like a  husband often does, he capitulated and when in to Haggar. (Thanks Dr. H for that timely reminder).  Hmm…where was God in this?  God used it–as He always does, because He uses sin sinlessly.  But time told on them both.

Time tells on us too.  Our theology shows up in the way we continue to love our wives.  As life travels on and circumstances unfurl their sovereign design, do we still trust in God’s great love for us?  Is his Word still valid?  Is our desire to be god stimulated because things don’t go as we planned in life with our wives?

Time tells on us too with our children.  Wow, does it ever.  Our view of God and His Word comes sharply into view as we see our humanity all over our children.  It is hard at first to see this when you are a young parent, but as time progresses, it sometimes comes out with a vengeance.

God is true, His Word is true, and Christ Himself is the truth!  Yet, we want our way to be the truth, the way, and the life.  Our unbelief is very imperfect.  But we have a Savior whose perfection in this area is–you guessed it–perfect!  He always did the will of the Father.  Isn’t that what we want to do?  Why?  Hopefully it is because our view of Him is correct.  And time told on Christ as well.  He died trusting in the Father and today lives as the intercessor for us who struggle at contuing belief.  So, let time tell–and it will–that our belief is imperfect, but our trust is in Christ–the perfect believer and we rest in Him alone!

One comment on “Time Always Tells

  1. Thank you for your insight and encouragement to me in this post. I am learning to adjust my expectations here in SoCal as we go. Being reminded that God’s ways and timing are perfect calms the heart!

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