What’s In It For Me?

We live in a world that is designed to cater to my base desires. One of the local TV broadcasters promotes this idea by saying, “We are on your side!” I always ask myself, “How do you even know what side I am on?” or “What makes you think I am on a side?”

I understand what they are saying, I guess, but one of the implications behind it is that I live life for all I can get out of it and if they can be in it for me, then I’ll choose their station rather over the other stations. It’s a default way of thinking what I think everyone thinks. We live life for what is in it for us!

People come to church for the same reason. People come to Jesus for the same reason. We read the Bible with that same underlying motive. Our ultimate goal in any kind of spiritual endeavor is often, “How can I be a better me?” So, we see Christ, His Word, and even church attendance in light of this motivation. We quietly think, “Just tell me how I can be better, do more, and live better and I will be happy!” So, Jesus, the Word, and Christ’s church all become a useful tool for my happiness. I don’t know that we ever intend to do this but “what’s in it for me” over time creeps into every crevice of our motivations for life.

We often don’t realize the path this takes us down. It subtly points us to our own goodness as the goal for life. Looking inward for our righteousness is never a good idea. There has to be a better motivation then, “What’s in it for me.” The good news is, “There is a better motivation!” We come to Christ, His Word, and His church for one reason: “Let me see the person of Jesus Christ and learn all He has already done for me!”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

John’s Gospel tells us of a group of Greek people who had differentiated themselves from the masses of people and came to Philip with six words, “Sir, we would see Jesus” (John 12:21). So many in Scripture followed Christ for so many reasons but these folks stuck out in John’s mind simply because they wanted to see Christ. Philip told Jesus what they wanted and Christ said something notable. In Vv24,25, Jesus says in so many words, “He that will see me will have to die, lose their life, hate his life, and follow Me.” Jesus was headed to the cross. He was not headed for a happier life or for what was in it for Him, but instead He was sacrificing Himself for the sake of others. But, Jesus says, those who will die, will live! Those who lose their life will actually find it and those who hate their life will keep it!

The “what’s in it for me” way loses! Every time! Look to your motivation today. Look to your marriage, your family life, your own thought patterns and see just how “what’s in it for me” has snuck in and pulled you into it’s vortex and is draining the life right out of you. Now, turn from this thinking and set your affections on Christ…alone! He is the only one that has throughout all time really been “on your side.”

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