A life…now a legacy.

You know that’s how it goes, don’t you? God gives you your life, you live, and then all is left is your legacy.  A legacy is what you hand down to the next generation.

Last night, our world lost a life, but certainly not a legacy.  Major Ron Brooks passed away due to a stroke he suffered earlier in the day. God took him home. thumb_12417920_10205776196781100_4652109840460545980_n_1024

He was my high school principal and a man I had the privilege of serving along side a church plant in Heidelberg, Germany. The generation he served and the impact of his life is today still being felt.  Thousands of teens sat under his preaching/teaching and many, many were rescued out of the grasp of sin and turned to Christ because of his influence. Countless numbers of men today stand in pulpits across the world because of his faithful influence.  Many today sit at home or at work and quietly live their lives for Christ because Ron at one point in their lives courageously risked his own relationship with them to enter their world and speak the Word of God into it. Many many more young people even today are continuing to be influenced because they are being reared by parents who sat under his influence for Christ and the Gospel.  The legacy is real. The legacy cannot be missed.

His time in the military had an indellible influence upon him.  It showed up in his preaching. There was always a sense of urgency that worked its way out of the text. There was a commanding way to him that spoke with authority.  It was what that generation needed.  There was clarity in his preaching that very often found its way to the heart where like it or not, he addressed your need. His time with his Savior had an indelible influence perhaps even more. It too came out in his preaching. You knew you were loved. You knew you were served with truth. Your life was greatly affected, even changed. Christ was exalted and God was glorified.

He was God’s chosen servant for a particular generation. Good servants of God are like that. They are “wired” and placed in an environment to do a specific task for a specific purpose.  He tended to his purpose with great zeal and tireless effort to bring the truths of God’s Word to bear in lives. It was his passion.  It was his delight.  It was his heart.  Lives were changed. My life was changed.

Thank you, sir!  Thank you principal!  Thank you co-worker and mentor. Thank you servant! Thank you lover of Jesus.

Your legacy is real. Your legacy continues and will do so to the 1000th generation (Deut 5:10).

May God’s sweet grace rest on you, Barbara, Ron Jr., Jeff, Leslie, and Stephen and may in the days ahead you find Christ as rich and satisfying as Ron taught us all that He is!

A life…now a legacy.

“Only one life.  Twill soon be passed.  Only what is done for Christ will last.”

6 comments on “A life…now a legacy.

  1. Karen Croxton Strubel says:

    Absolutely he left a legacy. I have been telling my kids stories about him today. We listened to his testimony on sermon audio this morning. We will miss him, but we will continue to be impacted. Thank you, Eric.

  2. Thanks for your post and your words. Major Brooks was a great influence in my life. He gave me attention when I was nobody to him. You are right, he brought a zeal to every scripture he taught and his military illustrations drove them into my heart. I too thank God for Ron Brooks and for a life lived for Christ.

  3. DeDe Webb says:

    Pastor Ron was one of the best pastors and presenters of God’s Word that I’ve ever known! And more than that, a friend! It was under him, in a foreign school building in Heidelberg, Germany, that I came to know and accept Jesus Christ as my Savior! Although I lost touch with him and his family after sometime of his leaving Germany…I have never forgotten him…nor that special experience!!

  4. Evangelist Mike Shrock says:

    Very well said. He was a Godly man and a personal friend. I am going to miss him. I am praying for his wife.

  5. Lisa Olinda says:

    Major Brooks, as we called him way back when, was exactly what I needed in high school. He impacted my life and influenced me into my early 20’s. I had not heard of his passing but praise the Lord he is home.

  6. Ron Cordell says:

    Thanks Eric. You summed up his life and legacy well.

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