“Worshipping god” without “Worshipping God”

Jesus often got to the point and didn’t mince words. He turned the light of truth on the Pharisees and urged them to come off their high tower of self-reliance and see the spiritual bankruptcy of their lives. Christ’s sermon on the mount hits us all between the eyes (see Matthew 7:24-27). Many of us are perhaps “worshipping god” without really “worshipping God.” 

I couldn’t help seeing the church today in A. W. Pink’s comments:

They bring their bodies to the house of prayer, but not their souls; they worship with their mouths, but not “in spirit and in truth.” They are sticklers for immersion or early morning communion, yet take no thought about keeping their hearts with all diligence.  They boast of their orthodoxy, but disregard the precepts of Christ. Multitudes of professing Christians abstain from external acts of violence, yet hesitate not to rob their neighbors of a good name by spreading evil reports against them. They contribute regularly to the “pastor’s salary,” but shrink not from misrepresenting their goods and cheating their customers, persuading themselves that “business is business.” They have more regard for the laws of man than those of God, for His fear is not before their eyes.”


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