That I Might Decrease

John the Baptist knew what he was talking about. He saw Christ for all He was and knew that His job was to prepare the way for Jesus to come. His memorable passion was to decrease so that Christ would increase (John 3:30).

I was listening to someone mention just the other day that they were responding to a situation the way they were because, “That’s just the way I am!” I said to that person, “We aren’t allowed to be who we are! In Christ we are called to decrease for the purpose of us becoming more like Christ!” It was a novel thought to the person.

The work of God in saving us is remarkable, but just as remarkable is the on-going work of His grace that changes us from one glory to the next glory.  John the Baptist got it!  We are a little slow sometimes…Ok, a lot slow (if I can say it that way).

Grace works this way–it always changes us.  To decrease ought to be our prayer, our passion, our goal and yet it shouldn’t stay there, because we should also just as passionately yearn to have Christ’s power and presence in us, through us, and out of us as we live our lives.

May Christ be seen in us.  Nothing novel about it! It’s a glorious purpose to display Him!

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